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Downsizing continues at Amazon and Unity!

Downsizing continues at Amazon and Unity!

On Amazon it’s definite, on Unity it’s “likely”, but despite the conditional mode, there will definitely be more shootings there too.

It’s been six months since Unity fired six hundred employees while closing half of its international offices. However, in the latest quarterly business report, we can read that Unity is still losing money, so there will be more layoffs, while in the third quarter, compared to the results of the previous year, the company made 69% more money. However, at least 200 people were laid off in June last year, nearly 300 in January this year, and in September, scandalous operating charges could have damaged the unit. This became so embarrassing that John Riccitiello (who was head of Electronic Arts and called developers “dirty idiots” who didn’t think enough about monetizing their games…) had to leave.

According to Unity, announcing the costs (originally it was per installation) did not affect the business results, in fact, it may bring more benefits in the long run, but the impact on the company in the end is still uncertain. Interim CEO James M. Whitehurst also doesn’t like Unity’s current state and wants it to be “more flexible and leaner.” We know what that means.

“Right now, we are putting in a lot of effort, not realizing synergies in our portfolio, and not leveraging our potential. We aim to exploit these opportunities to be a leaner, more agile and faster-growing company. We will share details in parallel as we finalize the plans in the coming months. In the fourth quarter of 2023, we underwent a CEO change and began a comprehensive evaluation of our product portfolio to focus on the most valuable offerings for our customers, which are key to our build and growth solutions. This evaluation will likely lead to the decision to eliminate some offerings, reduce our workforce, and reduce our office space. On Even though it’s painful in the sense that we’ll have fewer people, I think when people hear that, they’re very inspired by the mission. And what we’re going to do is related to our mission and our values. And success, a [nyereségesség] And seeing growth makes one commit. “I have a very good feeling that when we come out of this, people will be inspired by what we are doing and proud of the success we have been able to achieve,” Whitehurst said.

Aftermath wrote about laying off 180 people from Amazon’s video game division, and there have also been downsizing here this year, with 100 workers laid off in April. The Crown Twitch channel will be shutting down, as will the Games Growth team, as the company will once again focus on Prime Gaming.

“We’ve listened to our customers and know that monthly delivery of free games is what they want most, so we’re improving our Prime offering to focus more on that. The changes to our business approach are accompanied by changes to our fundraising, and as a result just over 180 jobs will be cut. I know this is difficult news and that its impact will be widely felt. Saying goodbye to colleagues is never a good feeling. The management team did not make this decision quickly, but it was the result of careful consideration and development of a roadmap for our future. We are proud of the work our teams are doing, as we break ground With weekly content for the Crown Channel, we’re finding more ways to help publishers reach new audiences through game growth. However, after further evaluating our business, it’s become clear that we need to focus our resources and efforts on delivering great games to players now. And in the future,” Christoph Hartmann, vice president of Amazon Games, wrote in an email to employees.

It’s not a one-time thing. This year, these companies sent people: Xbox Game Studios, Epic Games, Sony Interactive Entertainment, CD Projekt, Unity, Ubisoft, Riot Games, Blizzard, Crystal Dynamics, BioWare, Striking Distance, Team17, Frontier Developments, Telltale Games and Digital Extremes. .

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source: PCGamer, VGC

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