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Many medals from the first round of the Hungarian Cup – Gate City of Nyérygyháza County

Many medals from the first round of the Hungarian Cup – Gate City of Nyérygyháza County

After international competitions, Spartacus Torna's domestic competition season also began with the first round of the Hungarian Aerobics Cup held in Budapest. Weekend tally from Nyiregyhaza's point of view: 8 gold, 8 silver and 6 bronze medals. First, the Beginner and Basic Challenge competitions were held, and then the more routine competitors took to the field. For our aerobic competitors, this was also the first qualifying competition for the World Youth Championships and the Senior World Championships in the fall. Spartacus Torna's selected junior competitors in four categories are preparing for the World Junior Championships in Italy, the first stop of which is the first round of the Hungarian Cup.
The spring competition season is not over yet, as preparations for the second round of the Hungarian Aerobics Cup, which will be held on the first weekend of June in Néradöny, are in full swing.

Challenge UP4 (7-9 years)
1st place: Albert Alexa, Mila Czernai, Holz Hanja, Dalma Kubelikska, Eszter Papp, Zoe Vas
Third place: Greta Janowski, Zorka Nemeth, Hanna Urban, Amira Pudlovics, Norina Tatrai
6th place: Mila Panhegesi, Greta Jakab, Loti Karakou, Viraj Kiss, Timea Maniak, Regina Melo, Viktoria Szabo, Vanda Zakhar
Challenge UP3 (9-11 years)
Second place: Mira Gal, Sophie Grecsa, Zselecki Holz, Jakab Hanja, Anna Nagy, Sepp Boglarka
Third place: Maja Katona, Little Mira, Melissa Kiss, Matty Audet, Dora Wasinski
Fourth place: Lara Ignasch, Laura Lange, Blanca Soja, Lily Stancuzzi
Challenge UP2 (12-14 years)
Second place: Nora Ajokes, Larissa Minehart, Emma Peter, Boglarka Tarr
7th place: Cesar Kincso, Camilla Kiss, Noemi Pastor, Nikoleta Szloboda, Olivia Szocs
Basic Trio UP4 (7-9 years).
First place: Jeliga Lynette, Flora Molnar, Mila Valoški
Second place: Luca Kiss, Sarah Zanet Hock, Lynette Szaz
Basic UP4 range (7-9 years).
1st place: Jilja Lynette, Sarah Szanette Hock, Luka Kiss, Flora Molnar, Lynette Saz, Mila Valoški
Basic Trio UP3 (9-11 years).
first place
Nora Podoroszki, Gabriella Nagy, Lila Ritley,
Second place: Zara Diack, Ursulia Maniak, Dora Saz
Basic UP3 range (9-11 years).
Second place: Nora Podoroszki, Ursulia Maniak, Gabriela Nagy, Lila Ritley
Fifth place: Zara Diack, Mia Kromer, Eniko Malacoci, Dora Szasz
Basic Trio UP2 (12-14 years).
Fifth place: Szofi Elesi, Dora Hemkes, Jazmine Nagy
6th place: Flora Gyuri, Naji Kenxo, Noemi Vamosi
11th place: Eszter Barköczi, Tiara Mahesz, Tasnadi Napsugar
UP2 Basic Set (12-14 years).
Third place: Dora Hemkes, Sophie Elisse, Jazmin Naji, Nabsugar Tasnadi, Noemi Vamosi
8th place: Eszter Barcucci, Flora Gyuri, Tiara Mihesz, Kenxo Nagy, Jasmine Szcz
Basic trio UP1 (15-17 years).
Fourth place: Borbala Moravski, Greta Salontay, Lela Sztanyi
UP1 Basic Set (15-17 years).
Fourth place: Lila Buhac, Bana Juhasz, Burbala Moravski, Greta Salontay, Lila Sztany, Zoe Stoica
Basic Adults IW (Girls Singles)
Ninth place: Mercedes Maczali
10th place Anna Keji
Basic triad for adults:
Fifth place: Layla Buhač, Anna Kigi, Mercedes Maczali
Aerobic UP3 (9-11 years) IW (Girls' Individual)
Sixth place: Lilac Dove
Eleventh place: Zsoufi Jilani, Fani Pinkzi
Sport Aerobics UP3 (9-11 years) Triple
Third place: Fanny Pinkzi, Lila Galambos, Zsoufi Jelani
SPORT AEROBIC UP3 collection (9-11 years).
1st place (Mixed) Fanny Pinkze, Lila Galambos, Zsoufi Jelani, Laura Lucky Lukacs (Flex HD), Hanja Laszlovalvi (Flex HD)
Aerobic UP2 (12-14 years) IW (Girls' Individual)
8th place: Halko Hedwig
Ninth place: Nora Condor
SPORT AEROBIC UP2 (12-14 years) Triple
the third place
(Mixed) Laura Pincze (Flex HD), Hedvig Halko, Nora Condor
8th place: Rika Juhasz, Rebecca Kaibas, Rika Vingreniak
Ninth place: Flora Bencze, Victoria Schlossi, Tani Lara
SPORT AEROBIC UP2 collection (12-14 years).
2nd place (Mixed): Hedvig Halko, Nora Kondor, Major Boglarka (Flex HD), Lia Pescultzi (Flex HD), Eva Antonia Sarkadi (Flex HD)
5th place: Flora Bencze, Rica Juhasz, Viktoria Szolosi, Tani Lara, Rica Vingreniak
SPORT AEROBIC UP1 (15-17 years) Triple
1st place (Mixed) Viktória Bányász (Flex HD), Jázmin Kiss (Flex HD), Kiara Vámosi Viktória
2nd place (Mixed): Maja Levi (Flex HD), Dorka Moravski (Spartacus TC), Melinda Tarr (Flex HD)
SPORT AEROBIC UP1 collection (15-17 years).
1st place (mixed): Rica Pericz (Flex HD), Flora Vier (Flex HD), Jazmin Kiss (Flex HD), Melinda Tarr Flex HD, Chiara Victoria Vamosi
Second place (mixed): Eliza Sindis (Flex HD), Nikoleta Drabek (Flex HD), Maja Levi (Flex HD), Dorka Moravski (Spartacus TC), Hanja Toth (Flex HD)
Aerobic sports UP1 (15-17 years) Aerobic dancing
1st place (Mixed) Viktória Bányász (Flex HD), Réka Berecz (Flex HD), Nicolette Drabek (Flex HD), Flóra Fehér (Flex HD), Jázmin Kiss (Flex HD), Valentina Revecz (Spartacus TC), Greta Szapolksi ( Flex HD), Victoria Chiara Vamosi (Spartacus TC)
3rd place (Mixed) Csenge Bakator (Flex HD), Eliza Csendes (Flex HD), Borka Dalmi-Dienes (Flex HD), Szilvia Koncz (Flex HD), Maja Lévay (Flex HD), Dorka Moravszki (Spartacus TC), Melinda Tar (Flex HD), Hanga Tooth (Flex HD)

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