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This Volvo cube holds the promise of eternity

This Volvo cube holds the promise of eternity

The Volvo 200 series, introduced in the mid-1970s, has a reputation for being an indestructible car, but they didn't even try to use it in this example, because it was only driven during holidays, so it worked incredibly well.

The Volvo cube can be used for many purposes, but the 242 was not exceptionally used as a workhorse, but was used only during the summer holidays, and was maintained with the utmost care, which is why at first glance it looks like a completely restored old car even though it is original in every detail.

This yellow two-door Volvo was built in 1979, and a Canadian woman took it to Portugal in 1983 to drive around on vacation. Since then, it has always been kept in an air-conditioned garage, which is why it looks like new and is considered a true time capsule.

Its clock doesn't show until 50,000 kilometres, so its 2.1-litre engine can still do a lot of good.
Its distinctive cube shape was designed by Jan Wilsgaard, who wrote Volvo designs from the beautiful Amazon to the 850.

With 107bhp, it won't turn your world upside down, but despite its 4.82m length, it weighs less than a modern compact car, so you certainly won't be complaining about its ease of driving.

The yellow Hellgelb paint has recently been treated with a ceramic coating, which is why it shines so bright in these gorgeous photos,

It instantly sparks a desire to own it, even if you don't want a Volvo. If this type has always been your dream, then you should prepare for it with 23 thousand euros, which is equivalent to approximately nine million forints.

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