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Index – Culture – Dwayne Johnson allegedly behaved horribly while filming his new movie

Index – Culture – Dwayne Johnson allegedly behaved horribly while filming his new movie

Dwayne Johnson's latest film, also known as The Rock, will hit theaters on November 14, 2024 Red one By title, even though filming has already wrapped in early 2023. Many people see an explanation for this decline and the high costs of filming on The Rock, as they claim that Johnson behaved unprofessionally on set – if he arrived 7-8 hours late at all – This also led to a significant increase in the film's budget. production. The total could reach around $250 million, which is more than not only Dune II, but also some Marvel superhero productions.

the Winding In a nod to Insiders, he analyzes the difficulties surrounding completing the film in a longer essay. Accordingly, there were problems not only with Johnson (who is also the film's producer), but also with his colleagues, Hiram Garcia, and Amazon's MGM film chiefs, Julie Rappaport and Glenn Gaynor, who also produced the work. It is difficult with their unprofessional behavior.

The Rock allegedly also has a habit (he “developed” this in previous productions, The Red one(This has not been confirmed), he does not go to the bathroom during filming, but – out of simple indifference or to save time – does his work in a bottle, which a crew member will take out after filming.

So, of course, it's not him cleaning it, it's his team. Dwayne really takes it all in

A source told the newspaper.

Many people came to The Rock's defense

The portal also contacted Amazon MGM regarding the allegations, but they denied everything in their statement. “Dwayne Johnson and his production company Seven Bucks are our great partners Red oneIn , this will be a movie that viewers of all ages will love this holiday season. Our demos went really well – the reaction at CinemaCon speaks for itself – and none of this would have been possible without the hard work and support of Dwayne. “Any report that we have reached this point with Johnson arriving 7 to 8 hours late is absurd and untrue,” they wrote.

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But what's interesting about this is that at CinemaCon only a handful of journalists were able to see a screening of the film — those handpicked by Johnson's team — and they weren't allowed to write anything about it either, so Amazon reports almost zero reaction to the film.

According to another insider, the costs weren't as high as rumored — there are no official numbers on that yet — and Johnson wasn't late either, with a maximum of 1-1 hours of filming. Several people also denied that A Szikla asked his team members to remove bottles filled with his urine – but not that he wouldn't use them.

What the truth is is still in doubt, but similar information has already been received about the actor from previous shootings (A The main players In his case, they allegedly waited for him for 6 hours, A Agitation – agitation In case 4-5 hours). A source also said that this is because he is “totally against working more than 4-5 hours a day.” Many people also said that this situation caused her relationship with Vin Diesel to deteriorate, which is why she was able to leave the Deathly Hallows series. On the other hand, Netflix stated that They are particularly dangerous criminals On the set of A Szikla, he conducted himself professionally and impeccably.