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Do we start from the father's body? Why are women attracted to men with bigger bellies? “Colors.”

Do we start from the father's body?  Why are women attracted to men with bigger bellies?  “Colors.”

In 2015, the word “daddy body” exploded into the public consciousness, becoming humanity’s precise term for when a man’s body is… um… what does it look like? It's actually hard to describe.

We can't say it has a stomach, because it isn't. You are not overweight or fat. He's muscular, but not like that. Likeable, but not lovable. Wouldn't it be easier to give a concrete explanation of what a father's body looks like? Well, that's exactly why it got its own name, which became so popular that it was chosen as the Word of the Year in the year of its appearance.

Not all daddy bodies get stronger

At that time, body shame was not a distinguishing factor, at least we did not classify it as such. There have only been news reports that stars like Leonardo DiCaprio have “gained weight,” “become a teddy bear,” or “lost their belly.” And then, when we looked at her photo, we were a little puzzled: she's not fat, she's not fat, the muscles are there, and she's still attractive. Let's say he's a father figure!

Image source: YouTube

It's okay after all. Parents who used to do a lot of sports, but now drink a beer or two in the evening, and only go running on holidays, are not at their best at all times of the year, and their super-trained bodies can really turn into something like this, So the term father body is really quite appropriate – we've acknowledged that.

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But after 5-6 years, Zac Efron also got the father's stamp, although all that happened to him was that his stomach was no longer as tossed as a turtle's shell, and you couldn't see all the muscle fibers clearly. On his arms. We won't find a hanging belly or sagging skin even with a magnifying glass, just a healthy, muscular male body with, say, 15% body fat. Word like a hundred, Zack's body is not my father's body.

Of course, if that was a father figure, anyone would love to be Zac Efron's adopted daughter, right?

Zac Efron
Zack's allegedly indifferent body is on the left and his old self is on the right
Image source: YouTube

According to women, this is the most attractive body shape

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