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China has found a hitherto unknown substance, and the whole world may change

China has found a hitherto unknown substance, and the whole world may change

Chinese scientists have discovered a little-known type of ore containing a rare earth metal highly sought after for its superconducting properties. The ore, called neobautite, is composed of niobium, barium, titanium, iron and chloride, Live Science reports.

Niobium is a light gray metal, mainly used in steel production; It can strengthen iron without increasing the weight of the material. Niobium is also used to make other alloys, but it is also found in particle accelerators and other advanced scientific equipment because it behaves like a superconductor at low temperatures.

the location It was found in the Bayan Obo ore deposit near the city of Baotou in Inner Mongolia on October 3. According to the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), the black-brown ore is the 17th new type to be discovered here and one of 150 new minerals discovered in the region.

the South China Morning Newspaper According to him, this discovery is particularly fortunate for China, because the Asian country currently imports 95 percent of niobium.

Depending on the quantity and quality of niobium, China may become self-sufficient.” Antonio Castro Neto, a researcher at the National University of Singapore, told the newspaper.

clarificationSource: Copyright: Heinrich Benyock/Heinrich Benyock

Currently, the largest producer of rare earth metals in the world is Brazil, with Canada coming in second.

This material may gain great value in the future, because it may revolutionize battery technology. Specialists are currently working on developing niobium, lithium, niobium and graphene batteries. These more advanced batteries can reduce the number of fires, last longer, and charge faster than traditional lithium batteries.

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