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America's elite universities are getting hotter and hotter – so what will Biden do?

America's elite universities are getting hotter and hotter – so what will Biden do?

In Atlanta, Georgia, the Foundation requested police intervention to stop the demonstration that began at Emory University. According to the protesters, they occupied part of the university’s grounds because the institution “is considered complicit in genocide and the militarization of the police.” The pro-Palestinian issue at the Atlanta demonstration was linked to the protest against the local police and firefighting training center. They also claimed that the “genocide against the Palestinians” and the construction of the so-called Police City were the result of “US imperialism.”

An official from the university president's office contacted the organizers of the demonstration, which aims to disrupt the students' academic work, and added that acts of vandalism and other crimes will not be tolerated. On Thursday, an anti-Israel demonstration began at the fourth institution in just over a week in New York, this time students marching through the buildings of the City College of New York-SUNY.

Photo: EPA/Sarah Yenisel

New York City police chiefs have made clear regarding the police actions and mass arrests that have taken place over the past week that they will not allow the type of occupation of public space that occurred in the summer of 2020 during the so-called BLM riots in Seattle, where protesters occupied a portion of the city that “was declared a rule zone.” “Self”. City Police Patrol Chief John Chell said he could guarantee that such an attempt would end quickly.

In Washington, DC, several neighboring universities began a joint demonstration on Thursday by setting up tents on the grounds of George Washington University in the center of the city. According to their declaration, they want to show their strength together. They also demand a move away from the “Zionist state,” and their goal is to end “the racist oppression of pro-Palestinian students.”


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