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T. Danny's reaction to the scandal at the concert

T. Danny's reaction to the scandal at the concert

The singer has many performances Last weekend he was a guest at a concert, but in the end it didn't go the way he wanted, because people aren't talking about the songs, but about a difficult scene that happened there.

Users have noticed an explicit video on singer Adri Nagy's social media page, which shows a security guard behaving rudely towards a fan upon the rapper's arrival. After seeing the scene, many people were angry that a security guard pushed a skinny girl up, and according to many, this rude behavior was not justified.

The security guard kicks the csóri girl on the hoop just because T. Danny is coming

– wrote the post in a group dealing with tabloid topics, where users commented indignantly upon seeing what happened.

After seeing the scene, many people argued about whether the woman in the video was actually standing in the wrong place and went behind the cordon, or whether the security guard's behavior towards her was justified.

It started, it didn't start, it doesn't matter. Af*szi nicely pushes him to leave, and it's still disrespectful, especially towards a woman. This is my opinion!

One commentator believed that similar opinions were mostly prevalent compared to those who believed that the security guard’s behavior was justified in this situation, given that the woman was inside the cordon.

T. also spoke. Danny about the scandal

The musician is famous for always being kind and direct with his fans, so it is not surprising that as soon as the news reached him, he immediately sent a message to the girl who was the victim of what happened. As he says, he doesn't know who the blonde-haired lady is, but he wants to find her so he can apologize to her, also on behalf of the security guard.

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Now I see many articles… Unfortunately I don't know who the blonde lady is, I didn't see the situation then and there, but sorry about that. Instead of a security guard…

– Dani began her post, then added: She does not think anyone should be kept away because of her, and that is why she was more hurt by the incident.

“I have not and will never allow this kind of treatment, and I don't even think anyone should be turned away because of me,” he said.

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