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Several artists are suing Google because they use their work to train their AI called Imagen!

Several artists are suing Google because they use their work to train their AI called Imagen!

Technology News – Its subsidiary Alphabet has been sued because it did not agree to have Google train its artificial intelligence called Imagen for its business.

Training AI using artists' works is still largely unregulated, which is probably why Google thought it could confidently teach its model, called Imagen, without limits. The company was wrong in this matter, as some artists are coming together to file a lawsuit against Google, but it is still in the early stages, and the two parties have not yet spoken in court before reaching a ruling, and since the technology company is not short of money, lawyers must be nominated. Better, so there's a chance they'll get away with everything.

Who was behind the lawsuit? Several cartoonists (Sarah Andersen, Hope Larson, and Jessica Fink) and a photographer (Jingna Thang) initiated the procedure, which was introduced on Friday, according to Reuters. According to them, Google used billions of copyrighted images to train Imagen, some of which were created by these four people. The amount of compensation they have provided is not yet known, but they expect that Google will destroy all copies of their images, but what are the chances of that?

Two image creators, for example MidJourney, are also being prosecuted, but we have no information about them. In general, the goal is never to use creators' images, but it's difficult to explain what the situation is when it comes to copyright. Google claims that images can be used for free, which is true, but it is not clear whether image generating programs are allowed access to all images or only a small portion of them. On the other hand, it's understandable for artists to collaborate, because they haven't trained for years so that companies can scrape their AI models.

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For this reason, it is right that such lawsuits will be filed, but the question is how many of them will result in favor of the artists.

source: WCCFTech, Reuters

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