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One of the largest warships in the world has set sail: and with it follows the superpower of the East, the United States

One of the largest warships in the world has set sail: and with it follows the superpower of the East, the United States

Multiple news sources reported that the Chinese aircraft carrier Fujian left its port at the mouth of the Yangtze River to test the capabilities of the vehicle. Chinese authorities have not confirmed the exact destination of the 316-meter-long warship equipped with electromagnetic catapults, but it is clear from footage circulating on social media that it left Jingnan Port with the help of several tugboats.

Expectations indicate that Fujian will begin its first sea trials, which could be a big step towards its commissioning.

A few days ago, the aircraft carrier already tested its engines, clearly indicating that Beijing will soon be able to test the vehicle's capabilities in open waters. Fujian has been under development by the Chinese Navy for six years and was launched in 2022. The ship's name is symbolic in itself, as it was named after Fujian Province, which has a population of 40 million and is located opposite Taiwan on the Chinese mainland, which may indicate the intentions of the eastern superpower. Beijing does not traditionally share the technical standards of military developments with the general public, but according to several reports, the Navy may soon receive a ship with a displacement of at least 80 thousand tons. This will be the largest yet in Chinese service, and only the United States has one larger.

With this development, the emerging power will follow US naval capabilities, as Beijing's rival has a total of 11 aircraft carriers in service.

It was also recently announced that the development of China's fourth warship has begun. According to the leaked information, it will represent another leap in level, as it will have nuclear propulsion.

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