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Daniel Radcliffe reacts to JK Rowling's transphobic comments

Daniel Radcliffe reacts to JK Rowling's transphobic comments

Four years ago, his relationship with the writer deteriorated.

although Harry Potter– Author of books while shooting films JK Rowling He maintained a very good relationship with the actors who played the main characters, With Daniel Radcliffe And With Emma Watson In 2020, their relationship deteriorated: because of her posts on Twitter, more and more people began to accuse the writer of transphobia, and in the end both stars distanced themselves from her. Radcliffe publicly apologized to the book and film series fan community for Rowling's comments, with Watson writing in a post: “I want my trans followers to know that I and so many other people around the world see, respect and love you for who you are.” We are.”

In April, Rowling published a study on gender reassignment, which she says has changed many people's opinions about transgenderism since its publication. Then one of his followers wrote to his post,
“Now we're just waiting for Dan and Emma to publicly apologize to you… knowing that you'll forgive them…”
On the other hand, the writer stated in her answer that she does not intend to forgive the actors.

Celebrities who have served a movement that seeks to undermine women's hard-earned rights, and who have used their platforms to advocate for reassignment, should save their apologies for traumatized trans people who may revert to their original gender, or remain vulnerable to women.

came his reply. website He stabbed herThat Daniel Radcliffe also reacted to what happened in the meantime. For the Atlantic Ocean Grant He said in his interview that since the tweets were published in 2020, there has been no direct communication with the writer, and he considers the situation sad.

In the end, this makes me very sad. Because when I look at the man I met, and the time we met, and the books he wrote, and the world he created, it resonates with me so deeply.

Quoted The actor was interviewed by Variety, who confirmed that after working with the LGBTQ charity Trevor Project for 12 years, he would have felt like an unmitigated coward not to speak out.

I wanted to try to help people who were negatively affected by the comments. And to say that these are the opinions of Joe (JK Rowling – editor) and not anyone else associated with the Potter franchise.

Radcliffe admitted in his statement that the Wizards series would not have come out without Rowling, so without her his life might not have turned out this way, but he stressed that this does not mean that he should be grateful to someone. And everything else he believes in.

You can read more about how Voldemort became the writer for the transgender community in our article below.


From crushes to open warfare – this is how JK Rowling became Voldemort in the transgender community

For many years, some trans people looked askance at JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books. It's been four years since Rowling boarded the train that politicians love to buy tickets for: but she was motivated not by political goals, but by intellectual responsibility. Even if not everyone agrees.

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