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At least 22 dead: Reserve soldiers stage a massacre in Lewiston, USA

At least 22 dead: Reserve soldiers stage a massacre in Lewiston, USA

In a harrowing incident that has shaken the community of Lewiston, Maine, a series of shootings on Wednesday evening resulted in a tragic loss of life and numerous injuries. The Maine State Police, in response to the severity of the situation, have issued a critical advisory for residents to remain indoors, highlighting the presence of an active shooter in the area.

The individual responsible for this devastating act has been identified as Robert Card, a 40-year-old firearms instructor and reservist. Described as armed and dangerous, Card’s image, showing him with a beard and carrying a rifle, has been widely circulated by the Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office through social media platforms in an effort to apprehend him.

The shootings occurred at two separate locations – a local bar and a bowling alley – both of which were scenes of chaos and tragedy, with multiple victims at each site. This has prompted an intensive manhunt involving hundreds of police officers, as stated by Maine Commissioner of Public Safety, Mike Sawchuk. The scale of the law enforcement response is indicative of the severity of the situation.

Adding to the complexity of the ongoing search, Card’s vehicle was later found abandoned in Lisbon, a town in close proximity to Lewiston. This discovery has potentially widened the scope of the manhunt, as authorities work tirelessly to locate Card and ensure the safety of the community.

The impact of the event extends beyond the immediate threat posed by the shooter. In a demonstration of the seriousness of the situation, President Joe Biden has been in contact with regional officials and politicians, discussing the incident and likely coordinating federal support.

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The healthcare system in Lewiston has been pushed to its limits due to the incident. Lewiston Central Hospital, along with neighboring healthcare facilities, is actively coordinating to provide care to a large number of gunshot victims, reflecting the grim reality of the situation.

The ripple effects of the tragedy have also impacted the education sector in the city and surrounding areas. Schools have announced closures, and other educational institutions will remain shut, underscoring the deep sense of unease and concern that has enveloped the community.

This incident in Lewiston serves as a stark reminder of the devastating impact of gun violence, affecting not only those directly involved but also rippling through the entire community. As the situation unfolds, the focus remains on apprehending the suspect, providing support to the victims and their families, and addressing the broader implications of such a significant act of violence.

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