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The Olympic champion athlete lied about his terminal illness

The Olympic champion athlete lied about his terminal illness

After analyzing the evidence, an Ontario court found that Eric Lamaze, a Canadian show jumper who won the Olympic title in 2008, lied earlier this year about having terminal brain cancer.

In addition to the gold medal in Beijing, Lamaze, an Olympic silver and bronze medalist, stopped his career last year at the age of 54 due to health problems. In March of this year, he announced that he was suffering from cancer.

But in recent days, news has spread like wildfire in Canada that the latter was a lie on Lamaze’s part, which he made up to escape prison. It’s Lamaze In 2010, he sold horses to a customer for a huge sum of money, which he knew did not deliver on the promised quality. His client later found out and filed a lawsuit against the Olympic champion, but since then, Lamaze has continually postponed proceedings against him for health reasons (including having surgery for a brain tumor this spring) – he wrote. Pepper also.

An Ontario court found inconsistencies in Lamaze’s statements and statements after the Canadian athlete alleged lies. Find out He sent numerous forged letters and medical documents to court, and more recently, tried to make people believe he had terminal brain cancer — all in order to avoid prosecution in the 2010 case. The court ordered Lamaze to pay 25,800 pounds sterling (11.6 million forints) due to the submission of the latest postponement request, against which negotiations will continue.

Lamaze responded to the case by saying that the forged documents had already been sent to court, However, the Canadian athlete still believes that he actually had cancer in the past.

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