The former Hungarian footballer has passed away at the age of 47

Miklis Lindvay, the 23-time former Hungarian national footballer, has died at the age of 48.

About game news Zoltn BalaiczThe mayor of Zalgerzeg also spoke on the social media page.

Miks Lendvai made his debut in the Zalaegerszeg NB I team in 1991, he was noticed by the French Girondins de Bordeaux, who signed him in the summer of 1996. The uncompromising midfielder could not become a key player in the French team, and a year later he moved to Logan in Switzerland. In the summer of 1998, he returned to Hungary and became a player with Ferencvros, but a year later he again became a player with the Belgian Ferber Gill. After that, he played for Beerschot and Charleroi, and in the summer of 2004 he moved to Cyprus for AEL Limassol.

Mikls Lendvai in the 2003 national team match against SztecSource: AFP / Attila Kispendik

He returned home again in July 2005, played football in Gyri ETO for one year, then returned to Zalaegerszeg in 2006, however, head coach Simon Antal did not want to play, and ZTE terminated his contract in the spring of 2007.

Then NB III. In his Bakony group he took on managerial duties with Soproni VSE, and then played a similar role at Andrshid in the 2007-2008 season.

He announced his retirement in January 2008 for health and family reasons.

In an interview with Nemzeti Sport in 2018, Lendvai said he was as far away from football as possible, and was looking for new targets at the club, so he went to work for his father’s construction company.

Lendvai made his debut for the Hungarian national team on 10 April 1996 in a friendly match against the Croats while captaining Jnos Csank. The last time he played for the national team on February 21, 2004 in a friendly match against Romania under the leadership of Lothar Matos.

Zalaegerszeg fans announced on their Facebook page that they will hold a candlelight vigil in memory of the footballer on Monday from 19:00.

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