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Could the new Starfield patch be a major improvement in terms of graphics and stability?!

Could the new Starfield patch be a major improvement in terms of graphics and stability?!

Bethesda is working on a new update for Starfield – players can try it out early by signing up for the Steam beta on PC.

Starfield has released preview patch notes for the upcoming update, which is currently in Steam beta testing for a small number of players. Although the game launched successfully and is considered the least buggy of Bethesda's releases of the Creation Engine era, fans were not very happy with some aspects of the gameplay. For example, because Starfield relies a lot on procedural generation.

With over 250 employees still working on Starfield, the Bethesda team is ready to provide ambitious support for its newest title post-launch.

It's safe to assume that players can expect a lot in 2024 as well. After all, the game is getting a regular six-week patch schedule, completely independent of DLC like Shattered Space. The first such update was released on January 30, 2024. This brought significant technical improvements and graphical improvements. While new gameplay features are coming, Bethesda seems to be focusing more on the technical side in the first few patches.

Starfield 1.9.67 update follows this pattern, with the official patch notes (see link at the end of this article) revealing that Bethesda is adding support for AMD FSR 3 (which stands for FidelityFX Supersolution 3). The update also attempts to address the FormID issue further. The latter influenced a large number of Starfield players. Arguably the biggest flaw the game has faced since its release.

Although it is not yet known whether FormID issues will appear during beta testing, update 1.9.67 is expected to improve save stability for players who have visited multiple Starfield locations throughout the game.

Since update 1.9.67 may be released in a week or two, it will likely be outside the announced patch schedule. There are two reasons for this: Update 1.9.67 is smaller than Update 1.9.51 for the game. Also, previous stages of beta testing on Steam never lasted longer than 14 days. The release date for Starfield's next “major” update is believed to be March 14, 2024. While it's too early to provide details on what the update might bring to the game, Bethesda has stated that it is working on adding new travel modes.

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Ultimately, while the community appreciates the technical fixes, the majority of fans are impatient for new content. Starfield already has a lot of great mods. The Creation Kit release paves the way for more complex projects (such as new planets, larger cities, or even better procedural generation). However, the Shattered Space release will likely do its best to keep players coming back. Especially if it would fix some of the game's biggest flaws. The full release date for Starfield Update 1.9.67 is unknown, but players can choose to download it early on Steam.

source: Bethesda

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