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“The escape route for giant stars is to become neutron stars.”

“The escape route for giant stars is to become neutron stars.”

January 30, 2024
Utopia (Tuesday, January 30, 2024 at 7 pm)

Hosts: Gabor Newman Editors: Csaba Lorenc, Gabor Neumann

A thick quark soup can form the core of massive neutron stars A writing titled Sound A was published on the side.

Neutron stars are the remains of massive stars. Their presence is a last-ditch effort to prevent the star's core from collapsing.

“The interior of a neutron star is an extreme region of the universe where matter can exist in a state that is completely at odds with our everyday physical experience,” he said. Robert Szabo Astronomer, Director of the Miklós Konkoli-Thegy Institute for Astronomy of the Research Center for Astronomy and Earth Sciences. He added that the work of neutron stars could be the starting point for high-energy processes in the universe.

Physicists and astrophysicists have long tried to understand how matter behaves under extreme conditions, that is, under extreme pressure.

Neutron star

Image: Pixabay

Neutron stars are the remains of large, multi-solar-mass stars that collapse at the end of their merger processes. But above a certain initial solar mass, quantum physics provides atomic physics with a final state instead of becoming a black hole. It is almost as if our 700,000 km-diameter Sun was compressed to a diameter of 1 km.

Quarks are particles whose members consist of mesons (such as neutrons) and baryons whose members consist of three quarks (such as protons). This means that the components of neutrons and protons are already freely present inside a star with a quark nucleus.

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Szabo also explained that above a certain mass, neutron stars contain a quark nucleus. It is not yet possible to precisely determine the mass of the neutron star at which the quark nucleus actually appears. Based on current observations, there is an 80-90% probability that neutron stars exceed two solar masses and have quark cores.

You can listen to the entire conversation by clicking on the player above, in the first half of the show.

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01/30/2024 Tuesday 19:00
Reporter: Gabor Neumann

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