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Canada's first public padel and pickleball club is set to open this month

Canada's first public padel and pickleball club is set to open this month

Canada's first public padel and pickleball club comes to the Society's Garden at the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre. Starting May 17, Assembly Park, located just steps from the Vaughan Metropolitan Center station, will offer nine pickleball courts and one switch court with free membership and no initiation fees.

The club, created by QuadReal Property Group and Fairgrounds Public Racket Club, will be available to all ages and levels at an hourly rate, and will also feature a coaches' corner, community events, and branded merchandise for purchase.

“In the past few years, we have seen a cultural shift toward activities that provide greater social and emotional value,” Drummond Munro, co-founder of Fairgrounds, said in a statement. “Fairgrounds strengthen the community by providing social spaces for those seeking experience through the power of sport. As padel gains traction in Canada and moves into the cultural mainstream, we want to introduce it to more people in an inclusive way that everyone can enjoy.”

The launch will launch a full slate of summer activities to be hosted at Assembly Park over the next few months, including impromptu street performances, gallery openings, outdoor concerts, moving festivals, cultural events, dining options, as well as installations.

“since [its] “Launched two years ago, we have integrated with local partners to enable ongoing programming for both residents and visitors at Assembly Park,” said Jay Claggett, senior vice president of development at QuadReal Property Group, in a statement. “We are very proud to continue developing this amazing project and invite both Vaughan residents and visitors alike to watch the association’s garden develop into a hub of creativity.”

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In February, QuadReal Property Collection and Fairgrounds It launched a location at Cloverdale Mall in Etobicoke, with nine pickleball courts. This summer they also plan to launch racquetball and pickleball courts at Yonge and Rosehill in Toronto.

Padel, or padel “tennis”, is a racket sport usually played in pairs on a court slightly smaller than a doubles tennis court. Pickleball – a racket/paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping pong – is one of the fastest growing sports in Canada as well. Players use a flat paddle (instead of a stringed paddle) and hit a perforated plastic ball.

If you're not sure which ones, the Fairgrounds will be hosting a free play weekend at Assembly Park from May 17-20, with activations, a coaches' corner and a resident DJ. Click testis For more information or to reserve your place in the stadium!

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