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If you want to experience living on Mars, here is a great option – PCW

If you want to experience living on Mars, here is a great option – PCW

Although based on the criteria, a fair number of us would fall out of the pool of potential candidates.

NASA's CHAPEA program continues, and new volunteers are now being sought for the second round scheduled for the spring of 2025. The space agency needs exactly four brave applicants, who will be able to spend a full year in the position of astronauts on Mars missions.

The lucky ones will be able to move into a 158 square meter 3D printed space, where they can truly experience living on Mars. Of course, it's just a simulation, and the experiment itself will take place under terrestrial conditions, specifically at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Of course, there are standards, and not just anyone can apply for the simulation. NASA is now looking for US residents between the ages of 30 and 55. Furthermore, they also need a master's degree in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics, as well as two years of relevant experience.

During the simulation, volunteers will be able to face almost all the tasks that astronauts on actual Mars missions will have to perform. Their tasks will include simulating spacewalks, exercises, performing various maintenance tasks, and even growing plants. It is interesting that although the experiment supervisors will be close to the volunteers at all times, communication between them will occur with a 22-minute delay, simulating one of the consequences of enormous distance, which causes similar difficulties in reality.

The primary goal of the experiment is to evaluate the long-term physical and mental effects of being on this planet. By the way, three missions are planned for CHAPEA, so another mission will be carried out later, while for the program currently running, enterprising volunteers who meet the criteria can submit their applications until April 2, moreover On this interface.

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