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Aston Martin kicks in the door, can Red Bull “worry”?
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Aston Martin kicks in the door, can Red Bull “worry”?

Aston Martin wasn’t speaking out of thin air when they announced they were getting close to Red Bull.

Fernando Alonso Still in Monaco He was behind Max Verstappen, though In Spain The team paused. On the other hand, the British Canadian stable in Montreal fetch updateswhich lived up to the expectations attached to them.

the Cars and sports I reported that the green barn was the closest to bulls of all races to date. Moreover, the team told the German magazine that this package is only the beginning, so they expect an even bigger leap.

During the races so far, the Dutch driver has finished with an advantage of around 20 seconds ahead of the Spaniard. Australia is the lone exception, where the race finished behind the safety car. But after loading up on the new floorboard and side boxes, Aston Martin jumped in. In Canada, the two-time Dutch world champion was just ten seconds ahead of them.

Fernando Alonso – Photo: Aston Martin Formula 1 Team

In the middle stage of the race, the 41-year-old pilot seriously fiddled with the idea of ​​winning the race. But the world champion was delayed by a perceived error.

At the same time, the British Canadian stable couldn’t evaluate the data too much. The first free practice was aborted due to a failure of the CCTV system, while on Saturday they had to contend with rain. Thus, relevant data can only be collected during part of the second free practice and during competition.

According to AMuS, Aston Martin already feels they have reached the level of Red Bull. The developments took the build in the right direction, and the package will be more known at the upcoming races.

“We’ll be able to improve on the new package from Spielberg and Silverstone,” Alonso said.

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