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Apparently the Tesla Cybertruck can't handle a car wash either

Apparently the Tesla Cybertruck can't handle a car wash either

April 19, 2024 – 2:41 pm

Advertised by Tesla as an extremely powerful all-terrain vehicle, it will likely be a huge success, but the Cybertruck appears to have a slight edge Car washes also cause problems“, writes Future. One owner was just trying to clean the sand off the 3-ton monster after it reached the beach, but it froze soon after and was unable to use it again until 5 hours later.

This isn't the first time Cybertrucks have had problems. There was already an issue with the 2019 presentation of this type, when it was said that the glass was unbreakable Still storming. Although it was received only a few months ago, many owners have already complained of rust, but bird droppings and insects spread can also damage the monster that weighs more than 3 tons.

“Very well prepared”

This is how they sell them Cybertruck on Tesla website. However, according to the owner's report, the massive, futuristic SUV is not ready for even a simple car wash. After washing the screen went dark and then the whole car stopped. According to his report, he had only owned the car for two and a half months, with just over 5,000 kilometers on it, but it gave up anyway. “This does not increase confidence, the fact that an all-terrain vehicle, which is supposed to be solid, suddenly turns into a giant paperweight,” the complaining owner said on TikTok.

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The problem was resolved by running the reboot program, which took five hours. Of particular concern is that according to the car manufacturer, repair of damage resulting from improper car washing is not guaranteed, as User X also pointed out:

On a separate page, Tesla details the conditions under which the Cybertruck can be washed. It must be activated separately Car wash modeOtherwise the factory warranty does not cover repair if the vehicle is damaged in any way during a wash.

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