Software disk encryption requires incredible performance from your computer – if you don’t need it, you can dramatically speed up your computer’s hard drive by turning it off. We show you how to do it.

Encrypting files and the entire system is mainly useful if we store things on the computer that we want to keep as safe as possible.

However, if there are no state secrets on your device, you may want to consider turning it off: a Tom’s devices He conducted a fairly comprehensive test, focusing on Bitlocker, the security and encryption software for Windows 11 Pro (there is no such function in the Home variant).

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Bitlocker is turned on by default on Windows 11 and is used to encrypt your data. Yes, but apparently, when Bitlocker is active, it can slow down your SSD by up to 45 percent. The reason behind this is that whatever task we are doing on the device, the processor must constantly encrypt everything, and also decrypt this encryption if we want to use something.

For the above security reasons, Bitlocker is mainly useful, but if we are not afraid of our device being stolen and confidential files being possible from it, we can turn off the function to get better performance.

To check if Bitlocker is active on your device, run Command Prompt as administrator and type manage-bde-case He orders. If we receive a message that protection is inactive or that our data has been completely decrypted, the service is inactive – otherwise, XTS-AES We can see a message.

To turn it off, also run the command line with administrator rights and enter a Manage bde -off C: Command – This will disable Bitlocker on system drive C, but of course other drives can also be decrypted. To do this, simply enter the desired disk letter instead of C.

Of course, it’s also worth noting that this was just a test, and it’s not at all certain that Bitlocker will cause a performance loss of up to 45 percent for everyone — or that the average user who mostly only uses their computer for browsing will notice anything. However, if it is important to take full advantage of your computer’s potential power, you may want to consider turning off software encryption.

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