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Viktor Orban on the European Union: muddled noise, old grievances, many hungry mouths, massive consumption

Viktor Orban on the European Union: muddled noise, old grievances, many hungry mouths, massive consumption

Viktor Orbán put it this way: We might get the impression that the EU is anxious and feels surrounded. The European Union sees itself well, a union of rich and weak that sees around it a rebellious world, “confused noise, old grievances, many hungry mouths, colossal consumption,” as he pointed out to the millions preparing to leave for Europe.

He pointed out that the list of countries of the International Monetary Fund indicates that by 2030 Great Britain, Italy and France, which still exist today, will drop out of the top ten, and Germany, which ranks fourth today, will drop to the tenth position.

This reality – and he summed it up by adding: Fear, the feeling of blockade pushes the European Union towards isolation, and the fear of competition. Compare the union to an old boxing champ who shows off his championship belts, but doesn’t want to get into the ring anymore. The prime minister said that all this leads to an economic, political and cultural ghetto.

The million dollar question

He also talked about the fact that current processes favor Asia and China, be it economics, technological development or military power. “China stands before us in the full clothes of a great power,” he said. It has a civilizing creed – It is the center of the universe – It has a long-term plan – To make China great again – It has a medium-term program – To restore the hegemony in Asia that it had before the West came.

The prime minister said that the million-dollar question is whether a clash between China and the United States can be avoided, adding that “the truth is that this is the business of adults. We have not dealt with a hand in this.”

“All we can say is that something unprecedented must now be done, and adults must accept that there are two days in the sky. (…) The contending parties, equal parties, must recognize each other, regardless of the present balance of power.”

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