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The finals are a veritable graveyard, but not necessarily in a good way

The finals are a veritable graveyard, but not necessarily in a good way
  • Not everyone is happy Finals Because of its Battle Pass system
  • Some players find that unlocking each level takes a long time
  • Therefore, it is almost impossible to complete if you are also playing with someone else

The introduction of the Battle Pass essentially brought about a real revolution in the history of live service titles, since thanks to this, players could feel sufficiently motivated to regularly return to the selected product. This type of reward is now almost mandatory in these creations, so of course it was at the forefront in no time (but unfortunately it is full of cheaters). Finals This method is also used to keep users interested, but many people believe that there is still room for improvement regarding the system.

Unsurprisingly, there was a post on Reddit stating that, at least according to the author, it takes an incredibly long time to max out the current Battle Pass, so if someone is playing with someone else online, it's almost impossible to access The last level. With a total of 96 stations in BP and taking about an hour to reach, it takes nearly 100 hours to cross the finish line, which most commentators say is too much and certainly not good for Embark Studios' free-to-play shooter in the long run. Especially since even the weekly challenges cannot be transferred. Many people believe that since not everyone has a lot of free time, 100+ hours of Battle Pass cannot become the norm in the future, as this construct will become less common – after all, no developer/publisher can Players are expected to stick to one programme. We hope that the complaints will also reach the studio, and next time the rewards will be offered in a less time-consuming way.

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