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Neuron Software Takeover – The methodology that ensures corporate sustainability

Neuron Software Takeover – The methodology that ensures corporate sustainability
Armed with its expert team of nearly 50 people and more than 26 years of professional experience, Neuron Software partially or fully supports individual software, meeting even the highest banking expectations, and then operates and supports it sustainably. We talked about the methodology with Máté Mórocz, Head of Communications at Neuron Software.

Based on Neuron Software's research, the financial sector may have as many as 300-600 systems, but every large company can handle thousands. Every year, many of them may find themselves in a situation where their support is at risk. Although the team can provide support for multiple systems, it can be seen that there can never be enough experts behind hundreds of system files for each company. This can happen for many reasons why a person or the supporting organization wants to change (motivation disappears, they do not want to work with old technologies, their responsibilities are too great, they are looking for new challenges, retirement is approaching, etc.).

It is common in the financial sector that supporting systems developed 15-20 years ago still need a solution today: in many cases, it comes down to excellently written software that does not require large ongoing investments, but regardless, there should be A person behind it represents a problem or a company, who can intervene in the event of a change in the legal environment and knows what to do. “If the aforementioned specialist leaves, we will be in a situation where there is a system that no longer has enough knowledge and manpower behind it to be able to operate it safely,” explains Matej Moroz of the emergency.

In such cases, it is necessary to determine its fate: rewrite, replace, or take over. “We believe that these systems do not always have to be thrown out and rewritten immediately, or even replaced with new ones: it is possible to avoid having to solve the problem of supporting the software that runs business-critical processes using huge resources and developing new systems over a long development period.” We set sustainability as our goal: according to our methodology, systems are maintainable and can provide excellent service to the company,” explains Máté Mórocz of the approach taken by the Neuron Software Foundation.

Neuron Software's nearly 50-person team includes the expert resources needed for all software development lifecycle processes, including project managers, architects, business analysts, software developers, testers, DevOps, operational experts, and senior- and mid-level support staff. , and beginner levels.

All cases begin with a system scan, which takes about a month. “We detect risks and problems: we carry out an analysis, scan for vulnerabilities, and develop a concrete action plan from high-priority tasks to low-risk tasks,” he details the process. The expert analysis material is often 50 to 60 pages long, summarized and presented to both managers and experts in the form of a presentation.

All this represents immediate value for the customer, since from now on he can make a completely clear-headed decision regarding the fate of the system: he and his colleagues will fix it, develop it and support the system in the future. Or assign it to experts specialized in resolving such situations. But if it has enough financial and professional resources to implement the business plan, even the customer can normalize the program, avoiding possible dependence on the supplier.

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50% of clients choose to be taken by Neuron. In this case, Neuron Software will implement the code within one month, so that all necessary conditions for system recovery and development are in place. It then proceeds according to task priorities, so that the system can operate stably, according to expected security standards, and the expert team ensures continuous system support.

“In recent years, we have implemented more than 50 successful software acquisition projects. I can confidently say that we are capable of partly hybrid collaboration with internal teams, but we are also able to fully undertake support for the company's unique software, and operate it sustainably, even to the highest expectations.” Banking services.

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