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Index – Culture – The Shogun Star returns in the second season

Index – Culture – The Shogun Star returns in the second season

Hiroyuki Sanada from FX Limited Series A To the Shogun Its star and producer will return as Lord Yoshi Toranaga, various sources told The Times Delivery timeto. Sanada's character's path, which is to become Shogun and lead Japan into an era of peace, is assured in the sequel based on the characters of James Clavell's novel.

Other items are still in the pipeline and deals are being finalized as part of FX for A's efforts Sogunt To continue the second season in light of the great commercial and critical success of the limited series. The end result of those efforts will determine whether A will be rated as a limited series or drama in the future, which could be interesting due to the 2024 Emmy Awards.

New seasons of ongoing series have been delayed due to strikes, prompting networks and platforms to limit the length of runs. The field of drama series is weaker than usual this year, while competition is limited for productions that… pole A front-runner, he is one of the most competitive Emmy nominees ever.

Shogun It wants to be in the drama series genre from the start, and it may succeed if a potential second season is decided upon in time for the Emmy Awards. According to sources, not everything is ready for the sequel, but the deal with Sanada is a great start.

Sanada, who emerges as the protagonist, is the focus of the story in the first season, playing the role of Toranaga, a brilliant strategist who plans to overthrow the oppressive regime in feudal Japan and unify the country.

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The series, written by Justin Marks and Rachel Kondo, has been running for six years on several continents. Before the series' premiere, FX president John Landgraf said he hoped it would do well, allowing him and his team to create more large-scale series on a big budget.

The series was watched by nine million people in six days and achieved great success among the audience and critics, and that is why I want to continue it. Veteran actor and producer Sanada's prolific career has seen great success John Wick In Part 4On the express train And Zack Snyder army of the dead-in