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5 places in Hungary that you wouldn't think are haunted

5 places in Hungary that you wouldn't think are haunted

Hungary hides many eerie places where dark secrets and legends of the past come to life. If you like scary things, and ghost stories about familiar places make you feel down, stay tuned!

Below, we present 5 sites, which you must have visited during your travels. Below is a surprising and disturbing list!


This picturesque little village would be the last thing you would think to be home to supernatural events. However, many local residents and visitors have reported several times that, especially after dark, they have seen strange figures walking between the fairy houses and heard inexplicable noises. According to legend, there are many places in the village where tragic events took place in the old days and where the souls of the deceased still return.

Ravenstone after darkSource: shutterstock/botundhorvath

Benedictine Monastery of Tihany

Located on the shores of Lake Balaton, the ancient monastery attracts visitors with its beauty and silence, but the place has a different atmosphere at night. Many claim to have seen and heard unexplained phenomena there, such as strange lights and sounds, as well as ghostly figures within the ancient walls. Could this have something to do with the king's crypt in the lower church?

Benedictine Monastery of Tihany in the eveningSource: shutterstock

Esterhazy Castle

An often mentioned character in the legend of Esterházy Castle in Fertőd is the “Ghost Knight”, who is said to have been spotted by many visitors around the castle. The Ghost Rider is a dark, mysterious figure who wanders the castle at night, often riding a white horse. According to legend, the Ghost Rider may be the ghost of an old member of the Esterhazy family, who died under tragic circumstances sometime in the past.

Vertaud, Esterhazy Castle, in the evening lightsSource: Facebook / Esterhazy Vertud Castle

Budavari Labyrinth

Everyone has probably been to Buda Castle, but not everyone knows its dark stories. Over the centuries, many accounts and legends have emerged about strange and inexplicable events occurring in the depths of the labyrinths. Some visitors have reported hearing strange noises, seeing strange shadows in the dark corridors, and some have even claimed to have seen ghostly figures wandering in the depths of the mazes.

Budavari LabyrinthSource: shutterstock/couture

Siruki Castle

At the center of the story is a beautiful red-haired girl named Gisela Compoleti, whom all the heroes fell in love with, but she only reciprocated. For this reason, a dispute arose between the men, in which Gisela's love died. The girl could not accept this and threw herself into the depths. Many people say they saw Gisela's ghost in the castle jumping into the depths again and again with a white dress, bright red hair, and they even heard Gisela's screams near the ruins.

Sirocchi Castle, where, according to legend, Gisela Compoleti threw herself into the abyssSource: shutterstock/korka Geza Kuri

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