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There's a small but more logical change coming to the Windows Task Manager

There's a small but more logical change coming to the Windows Task Manager

Memory manufacturers incorrectly use the term MHz. Windows used to be a partner in this, but that seems to have gone away.

12.05.2024 – Windows Task Manager has been an integral part of the system for a long time. While at one time it only served to manage and close running applications, nowadays it has become more versatile in terms of its functionality. Here you can set which programs start with the system instead of the previous msconfig interface, but you can also get a comprehensive picture of the hardware in the device in seconds. Users can now access data that previously required dedicated utilities. There is still room for improvement, but progress is tangible.

The Task Manager also gives us the opportunity to find out additional information about the components of our device. Video card data can be categorized here, as well as temperature, and the interface displays usage well. You don't have to be satisfied with the number of processor cores either, as the clock signal and individual cache size can be known in seconds. In terms of memory, Windows Task Manager is almost an open book, because in addition to usage, it can also read the size, number of modules connected to the device and the speed of RAM. There will soon be a logical change in this regard.

God bless you MHz, Hi MT/s! – Windows Task Manager is changing

Windows Task Manager is changing

Nowadays, RAM manufacturers like to use Mhz numbers, but MT/s (mega transfers per second) is a more accurate indicator. Of course, there is overlap between the two, but the term Mhz is so ingrained in public consciousness that manufacturers dare not replace it. However, the standard uses a unit of measurement of MT/s, which shows how much data a given RAM can provide per second. Megahertz has been left over from the days before DDR. Microsoft decided this in the upcoming updates for Windows The MHz readable speed label replaces the MT/s label mentioned above. This may seem like a small and insignificant change, but it could be a great way for memory manufacturers to finally ditch the completely imprecise term MHz. Hopefully this isn't the biggest innovation for Windows this year.

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