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It turns out what kind of weather awaits Hungarians

It turns out what kind of weather awaits Hungarians

Weather in Europe

With its center Over the Baltic Sea A major anticyclone located in the region determines the weather in most parts of our continent, and a high pressure area extends over the Iberian Peninsula from the southwest: the weather is mostly sunny and dry in the aforementioned areas. As a result of fronts extending over the edge of the anticyclone over the mainland, clouds are abundant, and precipitation occurs in few places.

Peak value In southwestern and western Europe The highest value is also measured, around 30 degrees or higher, but still In the Great Britain region The temperature peaks around 24, 25 degrees. In western Russia The weather is the coldest, and sometimes the thermometer stays below 5 degrees even during the day. the Carpathian Basin On the edge of an anticyclone, a cold front rubs against it from the northeast, and drier, more stable air arrives behind it, pushing rain and thunderstorms to the southwest.

Weather in Hungary

on monday In addition to veil and cumulonimbus clouds, there is usually plenty of sunshine, but thick clouds may drift over the southwestern and western landscape, and light rain along the border cannot be ruled out. The eastern winds may be accompanied by strong gusts. The maximum daytime temperature is expected to range between 19 and 24 degrees.

Tuesday The weather is expected to be clear and sunny, with cumulus clouds appearing at times. Rainfall is unlikely. The easterly winds are sometimes active. The minimum temperature usually ranges between 7 and 12 degrees, but it may be cooler in the wind-protected northeastern parts. In the afternoon, they can measure 19, 26 degrees.

Wednesday Sunny weather with possible cumulus and veil clouds. Showers and thunderstorms may occur in some places. Southeastern and eastern winds may be accompanied by strong gusts in many places. The lowest night temperature is usually between 7 and 12 degrees, but it may be colder in places exposed to the cold. The peak value is expected to range between 19 and 25 degrees.

Thursday In addition to strong cumulus clouds and veil clouds, we can expect more or less sunshine. Scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible, and the chance is greater in the southwestern and western half of our country. Southeast and easterly winds will increase in many places. The morning temperature usually ranges between 8 and 14 degrees, but it may be colder in places exposed to the cold. In the afternoon, the air temperature rises to between 21 and 26 degrees.

Friday In addition to the formation of strong cumulus clouds and veil clouds, longer or shorter periods of daylight can also be expected. Rain and thunderstorms are likely in many places. Southeasterly winds will be accompanied by strong gusts in many places. The temperature is usually expected to range between 9 and 14 degrees in the morning and between 19 and 27 degrees in the afternoon.

on saturday In addition to the cumulus and veil clouds, there is a view of several hours of sunlight. Scattered rain and thunderstorms may occur. Southeasterly and southerly winds may intensify in several directions. In the morning we can read 9, 16, and in the afternoon 21, 28 degrees on the thermometer.

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Temperature: At the beginning of the week, according to the long-term average, it will be around 21, 22 degrees, during the week temperatures will rise a few degrees, so on the weekend, maximum temperatures will likely be between 21 and 28 degrees. .

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