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The E21 group discussed global sustainability and geothermal energy

The E21 group discussed global sustainability and geothermal energy

According to the announcement, climate researcher Andras Gelenser, Dean of Bannon University, gave a lecture on sustainability and its fundamental problems at the opening of the evening. In his keynote speech, the expert devoted a separate chapter to the relationship between science and policy, inventorying and analyzing general solution options, and economic aspects of the processes currently taking place on this topic.

Economist Zoltan Birkner, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Bannon University Foundation and founding member of Energia21, presented the potential of geothermal energy and geothermal energy in Hungary. His presentation addressed Hungarian risks, strategies and trends related to the topic, and also presented a theoretical model of a recently developed project.

In the meeting following the presentations, Energia21 members formulated the following recommendations: On the first point, they made clear that we are currently moving away from the climate targets set in the Paris Agreement globally. Climate policy and sustainable development transition goals can be achieved if they feature in all economic development decisions, are part of the rational operation of the economy, and support technological development, competitiveness and well-being.

They add as a second point: The growing energy demand in our country can be largely met by renewable energy sources, while we must strive to reduce fossil energy in Hungary, as well as research and practical use of newer alternatives.

We must adapt to the inevitable consequences of climate change through systematic thinking, with maximum consideration of the real global situation and trends, taking into account the well-being and well-being of future generations, they wrote.

According to their point of view, in order to exploit geothermal energy, existing local measurement data should be organized into a unified database and analyzed so that sustainable and economical use of geothermal energy in Hungary can be initiated.

They noted that it is necessary to increase the use of shallow geothermal energy in areas with suitable characteristics. To encourage this, they recommend comprehensive government support.

In their final recommendation, they draw attention to the fact that geothermal energy can be one of the foundations of Hungary's energy sovereignty by creating an appropriate regulatory environment and by developing a sustainable, economical and efficient production and use strategy.

The Energia21 initiative was recently launched with the participation of public, scientific and economic experts, with the aim of helping Hungary with its green transition. E21 also launched academic, professional and civic events, including a national green energy roadshow, to raise awareness, spread and promote the green transition.

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