Newly received routers also need to be upgraded

Newly received routers also need to be upgraded

Dozens of vulnerabilities are hidden in the factory software of the popular TP-Link model.

Thanks to the manufacturers’ business practices, the overall security level for wifi routers is already very low, and the lion’s share of consumers can do nothing about this situation. Community-developed and up-to-date system software is only available for a relatively limited number of routers, and some IT knowledge may be required to install it.

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For this reason, in the absence of the best one, the majority can do to ensure that the official software running on their router is up to date at regular intervals; Checking for updates should be done the first time you install your routers, as your newly purchased router may not have updated software running at all.

I was able to find a great example of this problem at Cyber ​​News BoyThe hugely popular TP-Link Archer C50 AC1200 comes pre-installed with customers with dozens of known vulnerabilities. The large camp of vulnerabilities has already been partially or completely fixed by the manufacturer, so it is very important to have the latest software installed on the device before it gets organized into bots used to commit cybercrime, for example.

To locate the post, TP-Link decided to force the affected model to remotely install the latest system software automatically. However, it is important to see that this special treatment was triggered by media attention, and it is basically not worth expecting such behavior from a vendor, if at all at all instructing devices to install software updates.

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