911 emergency call systems went down in several US states a few days ago. The case raises many questions about how something like this could happen, and entire areas could be left without a working emergency call for hours.

a Gizmodo According to his article, during the 911 outage, emergency services had difficulty reaching parts of Nevada, Nebraska and Texas, as well as the entire state of South Dakota. The reason is banal: the optical cable of Lumen, a cloud emergency service provider, was damaged during the installation of a power pole.

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How could this happen NBC News It is already being investigated by the FCC. A message can be sent to 911 during an outage, and if the call is dropped, dispatchers can still identify the person on the other end of the line.

The fact that many people started calling 911 to test after hearing about the shutdown didn't make it any easier. Las Vegas Police Department People asked in a Facebook postso that they try to call the emergency number only in case of emergency.

Lumen did not explain to any media outlet how the installation of the pole by a company independent of it was able to almost completely eliminate 911 service in four states. Recovery took about 2.5 hours.

There will be a lot of questions. For example, why is such an important service not provided multiple times. Or why cutting the cable shuts down 911 service almost completely, for hours on end?

These questions are sure to be asked during formal investigations, and all parties are expected to learn from the case. There is no word on anyone receiving help later due to the malfunction.

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