What is the difference between two times one percent? How can we (not) go wrong? What happens if I don't have one? Can I lose my refund? We've answered all of that on our finance podcast.

In last week's podcast, we looked at everything you need to know about the tax return — however, we have one more thing to do by May 21, which is get rid of 1+1 percent of our taxes.

What do you need to know about this, how to get into the chosen organizations and how not to get screwed? How are refunds activated by the cashier in this case?

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Mercédesz Gyükeri and Iván Sztojcsev spoke to Peter Kiss, NAV spokesperson, in the latest Kasszakulcs broadcast.

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Make it real with us – the offer is backed by Raiffeisen Bank.

  • 0:42 What exactly does the one percent tax mean?
  • 4:20 What's the difference between two times and one percent?
  • 5:06 How can we (not) make a mistake?
  • 5:31 What happens if I don't get it?
  • 7:55 How does my support reach the beneficiaries?
  • 9:20 What happens if I have, but haven't filed my tax return?
  • 10:35 In general, half of taxpayers have this problem – why did it jump last year?
  • 11:47 Cashback
  • 14:58 Can I lose my cashier refund?