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Hostility between the two countries could escalate: America's ally might expel Chinese diplomats

Hostility between the two countries could escalate: America's ally might expel Chinese diplomats

Philippine National Security Advisor Eduardo Ano called for the expulsion of Chinese diplomats from the country. He made this harsh statement after the alleged leak of a phone conversation that caused tension between the two countries. The controversial recording showed a conversation between a Chinese diplomat and a Filipino admiral in which they discussed matters related to the South China Sea.

The island nation's military leader is said to be willing to make concessions to Beijing on the controversial issue.

Philippine Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro confirmed that the Chinese embassy is violating the country's laws by making such recordings.

The two countries have long been at loggerheads over control over certain areas in the South China Sea. Chinese Coast Guard ships regularly appear in the area, leading to further conflicts. About a week ago, the Great Eastern Power's vehicles began firing water cannons at one of Manila's humanitarian ships. The leak represents another step in the distance between the two countries.

The Chinese Embassy's repeated actions of engaging in and disseminating misinformation, disinformation and disinformation – and now publishing false transcripts or recordings of alleged conversations between host country officials – cannot go without approval or without serious punishment.

– Anu said.

The latest scandal concerns international law that allows Manila to exercise control over Thomas Reef II in the Spratly Islands, which is disputed by China. The Philippine administration had earlier announced improvements to the land that will serve as a small base, but Beijing says there was a “secret agreement” that the island state eventually backed out of. Gilbert Teodoro categorically denied this and, according to him, they have not made any kind of agreement with the Eastern Great Powers on this subject, and do not plan to do so.

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According to Don McLean Gil, an analyst at De La Salle University in Manila, the expulsions would send a serious message to Beijing. He said he believed this would convey that all countries are obligated to comply with the laws of the host country, even in the case of diplomatic immunity. He added, however, that

One would almost certainly expect harsh responses from Beijing.

Cover image source: Jeffrey Metim/Anadolu via Getty Images

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