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ZAOL – Fabric wallpaper for bosses, plain and simple for other employees

ZAOL – Fabric wallpaper for bosses, plain and simple for other employees

The completed building, which was about to be moved to, was featured in the August 30, 1981 issue of Zalai Herlab. “Next to the famous lace houses in the center of Zalaegerszeg, a modest-looking, multi-storey building with many windows is the House of Science and Technology, established by the Hungarian National Bank, the State Insurance Company, the National People's Front, the PM Revenue Directorate, the Red Cross, TIT, MTSZ, It was built by the district, city and district organizations of the Hungarian Economic Association (..) The four-storey palace houses about four hundred offices, meeting rooms, warehouses and tea kitchens, as well as several private rooms on the first floor, opened from the spacious and bright staircase Iron bars draw attention to the fact that the headquarters of the Zala District Board of Magyar Nemzeti Bank begins here. The wall of the reception hall was covered with noble wood. They are still working on the equipment, and at the moment only the cage of the head of the customer department looks ready With very good red veining We also looked into the “deaf” room, where the noise of accounting machines will be absorbed by a soundproof cover from the GDR. A few steps away, a 3.5-ton cellar, closed with a door, purchased from the FRG is shown as a curiosity. . We can still get in now, the door that rotates on excellent bearings opens with your finger. Obviously it would be difficult to get into the vault later. This is demonstrated by the location of the three keyholes on the door, as well as the steel mesh embedded in several layers of concrete around the walls, and who knows what other security equipment. (…) We also caught a glimpse of one or two bank offices occupying the entire south wing of the house. I do not know if my friends meant as a joke that the wallpaper covering the walls also indicates division. The more important directors' rooms have cloth wallpaper, but the others are plain and simple.” (Excerpt from coverage)

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