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On Wednesday, the ATV presenter disappeared from the screen

On Wednesday, the ATV presenter disappeared from the screen

09/17/2023 at 7:00 pm

This has happened

“This week has been very steep,” the popular ATV host, who was found by the portal in the Spanish capital, told

“Tomorrow is a holiday and every day of the week. It is a slight fever, not Covid,” he posted on his social media page late Tuesday night. According to an article by Andras Somos, host of ATV Start and Forum. However, after that, he did not provide any news about himself for several days. “I was on air on Monday and thought I had allergies, then Tuesday evening my temperature shot up to 38.4. “Actually, the reason is mysterious, because I had a runny nose and was weak, but I took three coronavirus tests and they showed that I was not infected,” Somos, who was detained in Madrid, told

As it turned out, he was practically recovered the next day, and on the third day he traveled to Spain with his partner Esther Guliás, where they will watch the match between Real Madrid and Real Sociedad tonight, among other things. Andras Somos got this trip for his birthday from his friends. “We booked our flight tickets a month ago, swapped our high-profile club membership for Real Madrid, arranged match tickets, and also went on a stadium tour – such was the risk of getting sick.”He told the paper Host of ATV Start and Forum.

Cover photo: Instagram/somosandras

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