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Last breath test –

Last breath test –

We can fight for the fate of Earth until our last breath last breathIn, but the only question is whether it's worth it.

As modern classics, the legacy of the PlayDead games (Limbo and Inside) is undeniable, and although they're inspired by video game artworks that are considered larger standards, like Another World or Flashback, they're slowly (or instantly?) becoming theirs. the last breath Practically a clone, which I think is obvious at first glance. We never care about this kind of thing, the question is: is it better or worse?

Born from the last breath of Mother Earth, Gaia will be our main heroine throughout the adventure. In a post-apocalyptic future where humanity's various achievements still exist and function, but the indigenous people themselves are no longer – they have succeeded in destroying their homeland and themselves. So this is the last chance for the usual noise we call life to return to the planet, which has also been taken over by nature. However, the presence of foreign creatures also poses an obstacle.

There may be no need to introduce the gameplay, we'll mostly be walking around and solving small puzzle tasks, like restoring the power supplies to various machines, dealing with elevators, and pushing the inevitable boxes. The special ability here is the loss and disappearance of huge roots, which are the active parts of the puzzles. In this way, we can access paths that seem out of reach but form the way forward, or we can block paths where enemies might attack our lives. Naturally, the stealth elements, traps and skill bits typical of the genre are also present, and there are hidden collectibles worth a special mention.

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However, at the end of the day, last breath Instead of pleasant relaxation, it will remain a boring experience. On the one hand, the game is very short, and some chapters can be finished in about two hours. On the other hand, although at first glance the drawings seem worthy of the big names mentioned, they are often self-repetitive and not imaginative enough. Which may be a smaller problem, but unfortunately it is often an ugly one. The development of the antagonists, for example, creates a practically restrained effect, but even when seeing the background or environmental elements, we often feel a sense of absence. Since there aren't any surprises in the story or game mechanics, it's mostly recommended for fans of the genre only, and only for them if nothing else and/or you've already got a big discount.

evaluation: 6/10
Developer: Moonatic Studios, and Maniac Panda Games
publisher: Moonatic Studios, Catness game studios
platform: Computer. PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series


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