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Ivkovic: This is not Sztojan Ivkovic’s team or MKOSZ’s team, this is the Hungarian national team

Ivkovic: This is not Sztojan Ivkovic’s team or MKOSZ’s team, this is the Hungarian national team

The resigned captain of the national basketball team had previously announced his intention to leave to the leaders of the federation next June.

The Hungarian men’s basketball team lost all three of its group stage matches at the Olympic qualifiers in Gliwice, Poland, so it did not advance from its group and miss the Paris Games. The day after the last match against the Bosnians, national team captain Stojan Ivkovic announced that he would leave his position after ten years.

I already told the president in mid-June that this is the last program I will do. I felt that the national team was no longer able to develop with me. We have accepted and discussed this matter, and we will meet immediately after the tournament. Everyone’s goal is for the national team to maintain the current level and make it better. The meeting took place today and we discussed national team transfers. I think there is a great possibility that the national team will be present again in the next European Championship and if new ideas come, I will help with that.The captain said in response to public media attention.

I resigned a long time ago, and I thought that with the national team this matter should be handled carefully, and let’s not destroy everything we built. Collaboration is important and you can build on it, but after ten years, I don’t want to do it anymore and I can’t really do it“, he said regarding why what he announced at the beginning of the summer has only now come to light.

The national team players love the coat of arms, they sing the national anthem after the match, they experienced a lot together when we played in Cluj, and they felt what it means to be a member of the Hungarian national team. We are not Sztojan Ivkovic’s team, we are not MKOSZ’s team, we are the Hungarian national team! Whoever leads MKOSZ, whoever captains the national team, the players are obligated to be there and fight. There should never be a situation like when I became a leader and had to bind people“, he said about what it means to be in the national team today.

Marton BadrThe captain had already indicated his intention during the Olympic qualifying matches, then they stayed with her, and they would sit down after the tournament and discuss the matter in person, said the MKOSZ president.

The captain submitted his resignation, and we accepted his explanation and justifications. We will be dealing with contract termination and related matters in the near future. I feel it has been a beautiful and successful ten years. It is unprecedented for a captain to remain in his position for so long. We owe nothing but gratitude to Stojan Ivkovic.The president said.

But he felt that this resignation would help Hungarian basketball. It’s great for someone to think so selflessly and make decisions for the sake of basketballBadr said, regarding the new leader, that they do not want to rush, they want to make a decision that they agree upon with the professional committee and the presidency.

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