Megtalálták a korlátozásokon lévő kiskaput a lengyelek

The Poles found a loophole in the restrictions

The coronavirus epidemic in Poland has a special side effect. People join sports federations en masse, so they can legally exercise after gyms, swimming pools and other sporting facilities are closed. Transformation From an article by Business Insider Polska. It sounds silly, but even the Polish organization Rope Pullers is the winner of the pandemic.

Before the pandemic, there were about a thousand registered with this association, of which 500-700 were ultimately active. Now, by the end of the year, the organization has expanded with 25,000 new members, which is also a loophole for sport in light of the pandemic. Skating and badminton union membership has also increased during the pandemic.

It costs 15 zlotys (1,200 Ft) to enter a gym, and if not as a member, it costs 50 zlotys (4000 Ft). The permits are valid for one year. The newspaper looked at the sport that issued the most permits, including skiers who approved 2,000 permits more than a year ago. Here, new competitors have to pay 30 PLN per year. (There are hardly any Poles who haven’t learned to ski while walking from an early age.)

The number of badminton players has nearly doubled, exceeding 3,300. There is also a significant increase in the number of people interested in speed skating and snowboarding.

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