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Index – Sports – Bensé Halasz was the eye of Hungary and the world

Index – Sports – Bensé Halasz was the eye of Hungary and the world

The first semi-final of the men’s 100m flat opened the evening program: the American Noah Lyles He fielded and finally won with 9.87. In the second, Christian Coleman (USA) easily beat the others in almost the same time of 9.88. In the third race, the not-so-secret opportunity came to American Fred Curley, who faltered and finished only third, winning 9.90 in Jamaica’s Obelix Seville against 20-year-old Letsell Tebogo of Botswana.

Curley missed the final of the evening by a century (!), as it was reached by two Americans and a Jamaican, one each from Kenya, Botswana, Britain and Japan. The roster: Noah Lyles, Christian Coleman (USA), Reem Forde, Obleck Sevilla (Jamaica), World Leader Zarnel Hughes (UK), Letsell Tebogo (Botswana), Abdul Hakim Sane (Japan), Ferdinand Umaniyala (Japan).

The program continued with the women’s long jump final, 12 of whom competed for the gold medal. At the same time, two semi-final races were run for the women’s 1500m, allowing Kenyan domination: the first was won by Nelly Chepchirchir, and the second by Faith Kipyegon. After the women, the men followed at the same distance, the first race of which brought an amazingly close finish, and in the end the American Yard Nogose took first place, but the top five were separated by only 12 hundredths (!). Norway’s Jakob Ingebrigtsen, the European record holder and defending Olympic champion, won with agonizing ease.

In the women’s long jump, after three series, the Serbian Ivana Voleta was in the lead with a score of 705 cm. But a more important moment followed: Bensi Halasz started the men’s hammer throw final. For example, five-time world champion Paul Fedek, with a throw of 80 meters, only one athlete can surpass it:

Of course, Bence Halas, who started with a staggering 80.82 meters, immediately caused an amazing sonic explosion from more than 30,000 fans, Rhea was also ringing! Ria! Hungary!

And when it starts working! Rita Nemes, who finished 11th overall, won the first heat of the last 800-meter heptathlon event with an impressive run of 2:10.67. He finished seventh in the points race as second Krizsan Xenia, who finished third with a score of 2:08.93.

In the hammer throw, Halas made an incorrect throw on his second attempt, but held on on his first. Not only did he confirm this third-place finish, he also improved it further by smashing his best by 10 centimeters and 81.02!

At least it seemed that way, but unfortunately this was also subsequently nullified, because it was considered that the Dobó SE athlete had left the throwing circle, but the Hungarian delegation sent a warning against the decision. And if this small interval was not enough, Wojciech Nowicki took the lead in the fourth round, with a score of 80.83, that is, one centimeter (!) ahead of Halas, who could not improve in fourth place (80.59).

In the fifth series, 21-year-old Canadian Ethan Katzberg, who had been in third place until then, flew the hammer to 81.25m, himself leading the list. Nowicki also improved, scoring only 81.02, but Halas didn’t, so he could have waited for his final throw from the bronze medal position. Since those behind him could not overtake him in the sixth round, he could have gone into the throwing round knowing that he was in third place, and although the attempt was invalid, the 26-year-old athlete from Szombathely won a bronze medal. Catsburg became the world champion, And Nowicki is the second.

Ugandan gold was born in the men’s 10,000m, with Ugandan Joshua Cheptegei winning the distance in a personal best time of 27:51.42 ahead of his Kenyan and Ethiopian rivals. Cheptegei became the world champion in the 10 km distance for the third time in a row.

in the Serbian long jump Ivana Voletta He improved this year’s best result in the world to 714 cm, thus becoming the world champion.

The highlight was the men’s 100-meter dash, which, as expected, the American won Noah Lyles He won, achieving the best results in the world this year.


Men’s hammer throw: 1. Ethan Katzberg (Canadian) 81.25m, 2. Wojciech Nowicki (Polish) 80.83, 3. Bence Halas (Hungarian) 80.82.

Women’s long jump: 1. Ivana Voleta (Serbia) 714 cm, 2. Tara Davis-Woodhull (American) 691, 3. Alina Rotaru-Cottman (Romanian) 688.

10,000m men: 1. Joshua Cheptegei (Uganda) 27:51.422, 2. Daniel Simiu Ebenyo (Kenya) 27:52.603, 3. Selemon Barega (Ethiopia) 27:52.72

Weekly test: 1. Katarina Johnson-Thompson (British) 6740, 2. Anna Hall (American) 6720, 3. Anouk Vetter 6501, 4. Krizsán Xénia 6479 points, … 10. Nimes Rita 6232

Men’s 100m: 1. Noah Lyles (American) 9.83 seconds, 2. Letsile Tebogo (Botswana) 9.873 – The highest in Botswana, 3. Zharnel Hughes (Great Britain) 9,873.

Ranking in the medal table:

1. The United States 3 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze

2. Ethiopia 2, 0, 0

3. Spain 1, 1, 2

…. Hungary 0, 0, 1

Hungarian World Cup medalists:

  • 1991, Tokyo: 2. István Bagiola (pole vault), 3. Attila Horvath (disc)
  • 1993, Stuttgart: 3. Tibor Jesek (The Hammer)
  • 1995, Gothenburg: Jeksik 3rd, Rita Enanchi 3rd (trial week)
  • 1999, Seville: 2. Zsolt Németh (hammer)
  • 2003, Paris: 2. Adrián Annus (hammer), 2. Róbert Fazekas (disc)
  • 2005, Helsinki: 3. Attila Zivochki (decathlon)
  • 2011, Tegu: 2. Krisztián Pars (The Hammer)
  • 2013, Moscow: 2. Krisztian Pars
  • 2017, London: 2. Anita Marton (shot put), 3. Balaz Baggy (110m hurdles)
  • 2019, Doha: 3. Bence Halas (hammer)
  • 2023, Budapest: 3. Halász

(Cover photo: Bence Halas. Photo: Ben Stansall/AFP)