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If the rules haven’t changed in football in 100 years, why in Formula 1?

If the rules haven’t changed in football in 100 years, why in Formula 1?

Another race weekend, another Max Verstappen outburst due to sprint racing. Although this entry made in 2021 is not on the program in Mexico, the three-time champion is not holding back this time either.

Verstappen has won three of the five drag races held so far this year, in addition to finishing second once and third once. There is another such opportunity left next weekend in Brazil, but if there is a World Sprint Championship, the Dutchman will not have an opponent in it this year either.

However, success in 100km races is completely unimportant for Verstappen, who has stated on several occasions that he prefers to exclude sprint races from the program. This time, Thursday, the Mexican resorted to the tool of comparison with other sports to support his arguments.

A worried Red Bull team has ordered a bodyguard for Verstappen in Mexico

“Winning a drag race doesn’t give me any satisfaction. I cross the finish line and think, well, tomorrow is the race, the real race. That’s how it goes for me. Why do we always want to invent new things? I think our product works, we just need to make sure the cars able to compete and remain as it is for a long time.”

“They can’t change the rules in football and other sports either, they’ve been the same for 100 years. Why do we suddenly have to invent things for entertainment? If the competition is good and close, there’s no need for a sprint format.

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According to popular opinion, last weekend’s drag race, the United States Grand Prix, was also grounds for post-race disqualification, as teams were unable to prepare their cars properly due to limited practice time.

“If we just got rid of the weekends, everyone would be able to prepare their cars properly. On a normal weekend, this wouldn’t happen,” the Dutchman pointed out. The easiest way to avoid the issue raised in Austin is that the FIA ​​does not have the capacity to Inspect all cars thoroughly.

According to Verstappen, the Austin asphalt that led to Hamilton’s disqualification is not good either

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