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A couple was traveling on separate planes, but they both crashed

A couple was traveling on separate planes, but they both crashed

A couple decided to fly separately to Italy by plane, but due to bad weather, the plane crashed. Miraculously, they escaped with minor injuries.

During the Christmas period, there is always a lot of hustle and bustle, and various trips also increase, which is why in most cases we try to survive.

Although in most cases we don't take this literally, it turns out to be a Christmas miracle when a couple, Stefano And Antoinette I decided to fly to the same friends gathering on two separate planes, but on the same day. Both planes were two-seaters, so two pilots were hired to fly them to their intended destinations.

However, the two planes crashed due to bad weather conditions and a rapid drop in temperature.

Miraculously, the man was unharmed, and his wife escaped with minor injuries. They were rescued from the scene by firefighters. By the way, the couple traveled to Turin, Italy. After they fell, they were taken to the hospital, and the drivers of the two vehicles were evacuated.

As we headed to the airstrip, everything was covered in fog and darkness, but we knew that there were electrical cables in the area. Before we knew it, we hit the ground running“- Stefano A. said daily Mail-to.

According to doctors, Antoieta suffered pelvic injuries, while her pilot, Paolo, is receiving treatment for head injuries in hospital.

This was Antonietta's first flying experience. I am very sorry about what happened. The day started very well, but ended with both of us collapsing

– He talked about his experiences.

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The man also added that he considers himself very lucky that they did not die in the plane crash. According to him, the only important thing is that his girlfriend and the pilot get better as soon as possible.

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