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United States, noisy children: restaurant fees increase by $50

United States, noisy children: restaurant fees increase by $50

It is, as Sky News also reported, a Toccoa Riverside restaurant, a place that informs diners, on its menu, of the possibility of adding an “additional charge for adults,” particularly those “unable to be parents.”

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A restaurant in the US has decided to charge parents who come in for extra food for “annoying children”. It’s about how Sky News also reportsof Toccoa Riverside, Georgia, which informs diners, within its menu, that an “additional charge for adults” may be added, particularly those “unable to be parents.”

Reported cases

Some users discovered this rule inside the restaurant when they went to pay the bill. For example, Kyle Landman left an online review in which he wrote that “the owner of the place told me he was adding $50 to my bill because of my kids’ behavior.” But he also admitted that “my kids watched the tablet until their plate arrived.” They ate their food, and my wife took them out while she waited for me to pay the bill. His wife, Lindsay Landman, later said on the NBC News Today show that she believed the situation “could never be true.” The children were sitting at one end of the table and behaved well. In fact, midway through the meal, I commented “I can’t believe how good they are!” The woman then said that once the meal was finished, the owner approached their table. “He had the menu in his hand and showed us the item talking about the extra charge. At first I thought he was going to compliment us,” but instead the accusation was that the children “were too noisy” and “were running around.” “.around the place.” Another review, this time left by another customer, Danielle Hamby, confirmed the situation: “If you have children, absolutely avoid this place at all costs.” Sky News contacted the restaurant to find out more, but the response was that the owners would not “comment on a policy that has been in place for years.”

Deep analysis

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