The recipe for a crazy car is simple if you want to do well in a technically free sector. Let's start with a small, light car. Give us a high-revving engine with roughly 200 horsepower from a motorcycle. The final step is the human factor, the pilot, who can drive the infernal structure to the limits even on the asphalt of narrow mountain slopes.

The Toyota Starlet shown in the photos and video is the perfect implementation of this recipe.

Toyota 1 races like a crazy Hayabusa twin, spinning over 10,000 revolutions

Photo: VHTRacing Engineering/Facebook

During its civilian career, the KP60 Starlet could be equipped with a 60 hp 1.3-litre Toyota 4K engine and a five-speed manual transmission.

This Toyota 2 races like a Hayabusa dual twin, spinning over 10,000 revs

Photo: VHTRacing Engineering/Facebook

In honor of the gods of speed, all of this was tossed in the trash, and instead came a power source from the Hayabusa. But not a four-cylinder field, but a unique V8 block, which was created from the legendary Suzuki engine.

So the end result is an angry 2.6-litre V8 that happily tops ten grand. According to Mikko Kataga, who built the car, the engine produces more than 340 horsepower and weighs only 740 kilograms, and development is still in progress. Last year, the brakes on the car exploded at a speed of 168 km/h, and the car crashed seriously, and the driver survived without injury. This also shows the kind of risk taken by someone trying to be faster than everyone else in such a build.