Index - Economy - Tesla shifts to eighth gear

Index – Economy – Tesla shifts to eighth gear

Tesla’s second quarter was a huge success, as the company broke records in nearly every major financial line. Production and sales have never been this high before, with sales, operating profit and after-tax earnings all at their peak.

In the second quarter, Tesla produced more than 206,000 vehicles, of which 2,400 Model S/Xs and about 204,000 Model 3/Ys rolled off the assembly line. This corresponds to a 151% increase over the same period last year – Writes a file.

The profit could be five times what it was in the previous year.

This quarter, Tesla’s revenue grew 98% year over year to approximately $12 billion. That’s 15 percent more than the $10.4 billion that was generated in the previous quarter.

According to the consensus of Refinitiv analysts, Wall Street expected sales of $11.3 billion, which means that Tesla’s performance was about 6 percent higher than expected.

The company hasn’t sold any bitcoins now, but it didn’t need to, as the company is still making record profits, and even without the sale of environmental credits, it would have made a bumper profit. But the bad news is that Tesla Semi production will drop next year.

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