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Sony wants a foot controller for some PlayStation games

Sony wants a foot controller for some PlayStation games

Sony's latest patent is inspired by ancient ball mice and is intended to be a foot-operated controller. What will become of this?!

12.27.2023 – Recently, Sony got rid of its patents, which is rather good news. This means that they are constantly working to give PlayStation players more and better experiences. However, in the recent period we have mostly seen patents related to the PS console. But what about the rest of the body? Don't worry, there's something being implemented for that too.

and about Taketown Reports also indicate that Sony's new idea may be a bit unusual, but that doesn't mean it's stupid. The description shows a controller that players can control with their feet. The device is a giant trackball with a bearing housing that houses things like an accelerometer and gyroscope. The principle is almost the same as what we saw with ball mice at the time, but the perception is clearly more advanced. If everything is correct, the balls can be controlled with one foot however we like.

Not to anyone

It might be fair to ask who was this strange controller made for? Sony designed the device specifically for virtual reality games, because according to its plans, we can immerse ourselves more in virtual reality. For those who do not have enough space at home to enjoy the opportunity offered by virtual reality, it can be a good solution to mimic movement.

We're used to controlling everything with our hands when it comes to video games, but that's not the only option. In the case of car simulators, you can use the pedal, etc. According to Sony's plans, they want to expand the direction of the controls in the direction we use our feet as well. Well, it's just a patent at the moment, so it's not at all certain that it will come to fruition. Would you be happy for him?

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