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Neanderthals and modern humans became separate species at least a hundred thousand years later than previously thought

Neanderthals and modern humans became separate species at least a hundred thousand years later than previously thought

They were separated from each other only 408 thousand years ago Homo sapiens Neanderthal And the Homo sapiens rationale Strain – a claim by researchers from Tel Aviv University published in the journal BMC Genomic Data In their studies.

IFL Science a description According to what the researchers analyzed the genetic family tree of the two species using statistical methods. By developing their own computer model to discover the last common ancestor, they examined temporal matches and discrepancies in the available mitochondrial DNA database. Their results show that phylogenetic methods are not yet defined 800,000 years ago The evolution of the two human species later diverged. But the calculation of researchers in Israel is 500,000 years ago has been calculated using archaeological methods The separation appears later in history.

Although the Israeli researchers worked exclusively using mathematical methods, the latest anthropological, paleontological and archaeological findings largely support the time of separation they identified. It has previously been found that Neanderthals, who lived in complex societies, ritually buried their dead, and participated in complex artistic activities, were 99.7 percent genetically identical to the human population living today, and differed from modern humans only in their height, or rather their shortness. Heavy bones, a stocky build, and a wider pelvis.


A modern man disguised as a Neanderthal at the Werfpop festival in the Netherlands in 2015

Photo: Jaap Arens/Noor Photo via AFP

According to the current scientific situation, Neanderthal genes, which constitute 2% of the genomes of Europeans living today, can be considered responsible, among other things, for the shape and size of the nose or the different degree of resistance to viruses in humans. For every individual and every ethnic group.

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