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Japan cruised to victory and sent England through

Japan cruised to victory and sent England through

Japan beat Samoa 28-22 in their Rugby World Cup match in France on Thursday, taking an important step towards qualifying for Group D. The Japanese win also means that England, who are resting this week, have reached the quarter-finals in second place after the Welsh.

Hori Suta trying to break through Samoa’s defense (Photo: Getty Images)

Japan took advantage of the opportunities it had in the first half, with Peter Labuschagne and Michael Leitch scoring two goals, and the two free kicks were successfully executed, while Rikiya Matsuda also scored a penalty kick.

At the beginning of the first half, Samoa’s performance improved, but at the beginning of the second half, Ben Lam – after video analysis – received a red card due to his shoulder movement, with the risk of suffering a serious head injury, and the persistent leg defect. It made it very difficult to understand the intent of the translation.

So much so that it didn’t even work. Himeno Kazuki crossed the finish line as part of a group, leading to Japan’s third goal, and although Duncan Baiawa and Christian Liliifanu’s five-point shot helped the hard-working Samoans get closer, they only got a bonus point. for narrow defeat; Makuda, who scored 13 points during the match, helped the Japanese win with the final penalty kick.

Japan and Argentina are likely to play each other for second place in the group on October 8. There is also a scenario that lifts Samoa into second place, but only in the currently unlikely case – and that’s just one of the conditions – if Oceania beat England, who are already certain to top the group, on October 7.

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World Championship, France
Group round, fourth round
Group D, Toulouse
28-22 (17-8)
the job:
1. England 14 points (2 goals), 2. Japan 9 (3), 3. Samoa 6 (3), 4. Argentina 4 (2), 5. Chile 0 (2).

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About the rugby toilet – in brief
The Rugby World Cup, which is held every four years and is now being held for the tenth time Twenty selected Participates: In the group stage (September 8 – October 8), four groups of five teams compete in league matches, The first two of each quintet Enters the straight elimination stage. The quarter-finals are on October 14-15, the semi-finals are on October 20-21, and the bronze match is on October 27. The final will be on October 28th.
Group mission
the group: New Zealand, France, Italy, Uruguay, Namibia
Group B: South Africa, Ireland, Scotland, Tonga, Romania
Group C: Wales, Australia, Fiji, Georgia, Portugal
Group D: England, Japan, Argentina, Samoa, Chile
In order to win 4 Points for a draw 2. At least four goals in one match Bonus point Worth it, too Bonus point It goes to the losing team that loses by seven points or less.
According to the announcement of the competition, between two matches of the national team in the World Cup At least five days must pass, So players can renew.
Former world champions: New Zealand (3), South Africa (3 – defending champions), Australia (2), England (1)
Round 1 recap is here!
Round 2 summary is here!
Round 3 results are here!
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