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In the whole of London, people who use vintage cars have to pay a daily rate
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In the whole of London, people who use vintage cars have to pay a daily rate

The Mayor of London has decided to expand the emission zone because more and more people are dying prematurely from lung failure.

The British government plans to extend the ultra-low emission zone to the entire London region in order to reduce air pollution. Accordingly, motorists who have a petrol car manufactured before 2006 or a diesel car manufactured before 2015 must pay a daily fee.


– For a very long time, the poorest of Londoners have suffered from the fact that cars have always been a favorite of decision makers. This is how we can start fighting against motorists. A British non-governmental organization concerned with climate protection said that we know that by 2030 we must reduce car use by at least 25%, and that creating zones is only the first step. maybe Its co-director is Hira Khan Adiogun.

“I won’t be able to earn money to pay for university. I won’t be able to work because of the emission zone fee. I won’t be able to go to my doctor to hospital because as soon as I leave home I have to pay £12.50 for air pollution and over £15 for corkage fee,” insulted a young man.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has decided to expand emission zones because more and more Londoners are dying prematurely from lung failure, and more and more people are at risk of developing dementia.

The mayor’s decision was not a complete success among Londoners, as five Conservative-led municipalities appealed against the plan in the High Court of London, to no avail.

Political analysts believe that evaluating the current decision will have a key role in the 2024 municipal elections.

Additional sources • Sky News

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