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Great fifth place in the men's relay! – Hungarian Swimming Federation

Great fifth place in the men's relay!  – Hungarian Swimming Federation

The finals in Fukuoka didn't work out, we ended up in 8th place, and in the finals the 4×100 relay team swimming in the lineup of Nandor Nemeth, Sebasztian Sebasztian, Daniel Mzaros and Adam Gazou came in 5th place. Place with great swimming. In addition to the quota being confirmed in the morning, as a bonus, the men worked their way to seventh place in the five-ring overall.

We watched the final of the finals on the opening day with great intensity, with the men's relay finishing in eighth place in the morning – but in the evening, the youngsters asserted themselves in amazing fashion, and national team captain Csaba Sus Goal gave the four members the freedom to choose which formation they wanted to swim in.

In the morning, Sebastian Szabo (49.32), Daniil Mészáros (48.62), Adam Gazo (48.43), and Nandor Nemeth (48.29) came into the lineup with a time of 3:14.73. Afterwards, Nandy Nemeth, as the team leader, suggested to his teammates that he would stand first and be the fastest to protect the others from the side waves (and that is saying a lot!), Zipi Szabo also wanted to get a fast starting position for himself, so he took second place, and Dani Meszaros was in Third place, the only question was how comfortable Adam Gazou felt in his first World Championship final.

We won't quote the relevant question specifically, because Nandi Nemeth isn't the type to encase what he wants to say in ice, but the point is, as Adam said without drawing attention, that he ensures he doesn't spoil himself – so in the evening, the quartet stood Self-organized in front of him on the eighth pitch.

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And we couldn't help but wonder, as Nandi came second after a hundred, Zippy delivered the relay in third, and Danny – we'll explain why – although he couldn't continue (we couldn't have predicted it) (he's a l), but faithful According to Adam, he had a hot start and swam, so in the end he held on to fifth place, edging the Greeks at the wall by a century.

The Foxes' routine really picked up pace: Nemeth came in 47.89, Szabo in 48.27 (more than a second!), Gazo swam almost the same time throughout the century, both in the morning (48.44), and only Dani Meszaros was slightly behind (49.06). A time of 3:13.66 means that the quartet moved from 13th place to seventh place in the pentathlon circuit overall, meaning that we will have a good track in the preliminary race in Paris.

In the case of Danny, by the way, you should know that he fled America two days ago, meaning that he had to overcome a time difference of eight hours on the one hand, and on the other hand he said: “The coaches in the university team were not interested in this thing at all. They let him go for that relay, but they didn't prepare it in any way, so unfortunately I couldn't swim the same way twice. But I promise that I will prepare very seriously until the European Championships and the Olympics, and I will hurry by then.”

While he was getting dressed – because he had already returned at night – Ivan Petrov patted Danny on the shoulder: “Danny, be proud, why are you going to be fifth in the world too? Well, just in swimming. Keep training properly, it'll be good!” “Yes, I'm proud… and I'll be good in the summer…” Danny smiled.

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Zepi Szabo, after the morning 'set' – he reached the semi-finals in the 50 laps, then swam the 100 laps – muttered something else that he wasn't really in good shape, that the 50 was barely going, and that the 100 was struggling, but. .. “There were many times it was as if it was like this in the morning and it came together in the evening.” He rose up or rose up after finishing 11th in the 50 race, improving by a full second and taking the lion’s share of the fact that the team advanced from eighth to fifth place.

Nandor Nemeth also had a serious role in this matter, or quite appropriately initiated it, so that Zibby was able to swim in the clear waters. “We made the most of ourselves today, and in February, under the current circumstances, we could not have asked for anything better,” summed up Tsika.

Adam Gazoo continued his fearsome streak in Bucharest, jumping with a reaction time of 0.1 this time, as on the EC short track; And although, according to his own admission, he already had “problems” on the way back, he brought the team to fifth place with a great heart. At the same time, he proved that he was in a very good mental state. After all, swimming last in a World Cup final is a serious responsibility, but every move Adam made showed that the young giant from Pécs was still enjoying the challenge.

This was the highlight of the day – in addition to the huge world record of 46.80 set by China's Pan Zhanli, who swam as the first person in the relay, which also brought the Asians a gold medal in the history of the sport – the Giors who reached the semi-finals in the individual events They copied each other, Sebasztián Szabó in the 50 butterfly, and Dalma Sebestyén was 11th in the 200 medley.

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