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Celebrating Grandparents Day in Bugak

Celebrating Grandparents Day in Bugak

Next week, on Friday, the celebration of the Day of the Ancients, organized by the Hungarian Turan Association and organized by the Hungarian Turan Foundation, will begin on Friday in the city of Bogac. Yesterday, a press conference was held about the event, which will be held for the seventh time from August 4 to 6. Grandparents’ Day – next to Koroultaj – is the largest traditional holiday for Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin. Nearly a thousand traditionalists and tens of thousands of guests from various regions of the Carpathian Basin are expected to attend the event, which will continue until Sunday evening.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey participated in the press conference held at the Muzikum Club. Gulcin Karanis EkciogluAnd Esther VitaliusMinistry of Culture and Innovation Deputy Minister, Parliamentary Minister of State. In his greeting, he stressed that Grandparents’ Day is the biggest event for preserving traditions for Hungarians, and one of its goals is to make the nation stronger. The celebration of the memory of Hungarian ancestors and great figures of Hungarian history has now become a link that can unite all Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin. We owe our country the equestrian lifestyle and fighting style of our ancestors, which is why preserving Hungarian equestrian traditions is an important cornerstone of our national culture – stressed the State Secretary.

Judge Zsolt AndrasThe head of the Hungarian Turan Association, the dreamer and main organizer of Grandparents Day, greeted those present, especially the Ambassador of the Turkish Republic, Gulcin Karanis Ekcioglu woman. He stated that next year there will be a “Korultag”, which is also a meeting of peoples with Hun-Turkic consciousness, in which Turkey has played a prominent role so far. The President stressed that next year we will celebrate the centenary of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Turkey and Hungary, and we are also preparing for that. He said that this year’s Grandparents’ Day is a great example of unity in the Carpathian Basin.

In addition, the event also hosts traditional sports. Traditional Bedouin strength trials will be revived, so there will be horse races and horse competitions, in which anyone – with sufficient riding skills – can participate after registering.

Judge Zsolt András Biro pointed out that there will be many thematic, archaeological and anthropological exhibitions, with horses at the focus of this year, within the framework of the exhibition “From Ancient Horses to the Equestrian Nation”.

Janos MazarosThe head of the National Federation of Competitive Sports said at the press conference that the Hungarian Koporye and Traditional Sports Federation was accepted as the 59th sports federation last year.

He stressed that in addition to preserving traditions, its members also practice distinguished sporting activities. The non-profit Magyar-Turán Foundation and sixteen other traditional sports associations formed the Hungarian Koporye and Traditional Sports Association in 2021.

The three-day program includes, among others, a nomadic army parade and a nomadic procession, but there will also be combat demonstrations, equestrian competitions, equestrian competitions, shooting programmes, traditional sports competitions and professional exhibitions presenting the Hungarian-Hun language. Avarian heritage, folk music and Hungarian folk music programmes, handicraft demonstrations, an extensive craft fair, children’s programs and scientific lectures as well.

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